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I didnt even realize ..

I got a 90 on my midterm for my pharmacology class i am taking .. it is a really hard course and trying to remember all the drugs their class, how they work, side effects, what they cant be taken with is REALLY difficult .. I am absolutely shocked on how well i did. I really have been putting alot of effort into my school work .. maybe it's my meds .. or maye it's my drive .. or maybe it's just pure luck .. I'm not sure but whatever it is .. it is working. I am in shock i want to cry .. i want to run around and scream becasue i thought i did horrible on it .. but i guess all my hard work is paying off.

On a sad note .. a former co-worker of mine passed away yesterday after her long battle with breast cancer. Her name was Brenda Mastrangelo. She was a extremely nice and giving person. She made the best desserts .. she was always there for a laugh and to help out. I am sad she is gone. The world lost a really nice woman. On her FB her status said before she passed was "checking in status = heaven <3" it is really amazing that she just knew she was done .. her daughter wrote "it's okay mom i am right here with you .. you can let go" .. her daughter FB pic is of them holding hands .. it was so sad. She really was a good person. RIP .. fly on butterfly.

okay now i am offically sad .. i have to go look up some stuff and shower .. then i need to transfer my tomato plants to new pots .. they are doing so well! Never had a knack for plants but i am doing okay with these! I feel accomplished by doing this .. like i can nuture something .. okay now i wanna go get a hamster .. i need a pet.

okay shower and stuff .. adios.


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