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not enough time.

this weekend sucked so bad at work .. i got yelled at for something that isnt even my job. Running groups or making sure they happen on the weekends is NOT my responsability! It's not fair that there are 2 other MHA's that can do their job and make sure things get done .. and ya they may look to me as a leader when danielle isnt around but fuck man i am not getting paid enough to boss people around .. they are their own people are are capable of doing thier jobs so really it's not my fault and i shouldnt be yelled at for it!

Also i got my yearly review .. apparently i am a negative person. And this shouldnt bother me .. but for some reason it does .. perhaps it's because i dont see myself that way .. i think i am more realistic than anything .. ya know .. not all reality is peaches and cream *now i have that song stuck in my head damnit* i dunno .. whatevs .. i tried having a more "positive approach" to things today but it made me wanna crawl out of my skin and people looked at me funny .. lol

Last night i saw missa *big smile* we smoked up together and i was pretty stoned off of like 4 or 5 hits. We had a good time talking and watching a movie .. whatever the fuck the movie ewas i have not a clue it was just kind on after queen of the damned .. kissing her is always so amazing .. she is such a good kisser and .. rawr .. yea .. *bites lower lip* I can't wait to see her again .. *grins*

October is just around the corner .. where did september go? Really i have no idea where the time went this month! This also means my birthday is coming soon! I get to go see Ani Difranco cuz she is playing in massachusetts (newbedford) on my fucking birthday! hell ya! And and and .. i get to go with missa and i am spending the night YAY!!!!!! I just gotta tell my moms that we can do dinner the day after my birtday or the day before .. cuz ya know .. family things.

i am also looking forward to halloween! I dont know what i am gonna be since i couldnt get the michael jackson outfit i wanted .. it's proving to be more of a hassle than anything .. i took a quiz on FB the other day and it said i should be a unicorn and Maria thinks it's a fabulous idea! I am still going with possibly a naughty nurse .. then again who knows.

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